How Many Ways Can Relatives Get To Your Family Reunion Event In Denver?

Denver, the capital and largest city of Colorado, is a great place to hold your next family reunion. If you have kin spread out across the United States, then they might be flung out to the far corners of the nation. While Kansas might be the actual geographic center of the United States, Denver is certainly a more exciting place to bring everyone together, and it’s not that far from Kansas.

The question is, how will everyone get there? Anyone living in Colorado is likely to drive there, and that might even be the case of anyone living in a bordering state, like Kansas, Utah, or New Mexico.

Those coming from a distance are likely to fly in, as Denver has a robust international airport with hundreds to thousands of available flights. This is where Denver stands out as an option. Relatives can fly in from places like Miami and Los Angeles, and even either Portland (Oregon or Maine), and have flights of less than three hours. The time change is also only a hour from the Pacific coast and two hours from the Atlantic, so jet lag is not really an issue in either direction, coming or going home.

If there are those that do not want to fly, train service is a possibility. Passenger trains, including some major cross-country possibilities roll through Denver, and this is an extraordinary way to see the Great Plains and the Rockies, depending on the direction someone is coming from.

For those on truly limited finances, there are also passenger bus services that come through Denver, picking up and dropping off their passengers at various stops. The city has a dedicated bus terminal and transit center in the downtown area that many bus lines use.

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